Thursday, December 04, 2008

Sugar Syndicate

With vintage arcade games and $7 boilermakers, the laid-back Lakeside Lounge in Alphabet City played perfect host to distinctive three-piece Sugar Syndicate last night: They played an hour-long set with a uniquely festive feel to the play list.

Sugar Syndicate blends the frenetic energy of classic punk with the funky thrum of California beach guitar - giving their toe-tapping tunes an upbeat, summery sound even while lead-singer Wendy Walters wails gritty Kinks lyrics into the mic.

With a fresh, funky feel to John Brinkman's guitar work and precision percussion by former Hard Candy drummer Michael Mellet, Sugar Syndicate stands out from similar bands through their distinctive and slick instrumentals, which deliver a unique sound that helps them take ownership of whichever song they're covering.