Friday, December 19, 2008

Behead the Gays!

So I don't care if you disagree with gay marriage, or think that gays shouldn't be allowed to serve in the military. Even if you do, you'd agree that the following is pretty indefensible:
US balks at backing condemnation of anti-gay laws
By DAVID CRARY, Fri Dec 19, 12:08 am ET

UNITED NATIONS – Alone among major Western nations, the United States has refused to sign a declaration presented Thursday at the United Nations calling for worldwide decriminalization of homosexuality. Full story HERE.
In the Middle East, you can have your head cut off for being gay... And the United States is saying that they're not entirely comfortable condemning that.

Ironically, it's pressure from the Evangelical right and the Vatican that probably led to the US making this decision. The only countries that are joining them in refusing to condemn punishing the 'crime' of homosexuality are the fundamentalist Islamic countries (most of whom are the ones this declaration is specifically targeting.)

Isn't it funny how it's the ultra-religious groups who always fight tooth and nail to deny people their basic human rights? I mean, let's not forget that it was the Evangelicals and Baptists sixty years ago who were fighting to stop interracial marriage and civil rights. They'd rather side with Islamic fundamentalists (you know, the ones who are out to destroy 'the great Satan' of America) than 'those darn queers.'

On this occasion, you don't have to agree with gay marriage, or even agree with 'gay' as a lifestyle. But you have to agree that America's made a whopping error in judgment.

Just look at the 'team' we've picked to be part of. Saudi Arabia, Iran... These are all countries that criminalize homosexuality and WE decided to stick on their side.

Wasn't it the Bible which said: '...and ye shall judge them by the company they keep?'


Coffee Bean said...

Wow. I wasn't aware of this. I cannot even respond beyond that right now... it makes me very sad.

ck said...

Two things.
1. I can't find that quote in the Bible.... and if its true, does that mean Jesus is a prostitute and a drunk? Misapplication at its finest (if its even in the Bible that is).
2. You know if it ONLY meant discrimination in the sense of beheadings and such, I'm with you. However we both know that is not what it means. No it means its wrong to not allow marriage, it means its wrong to not give benefits to their significant other. It means its wrong... I could go on.

Its not near as black and white as you make it.

Reverse_Vampyr said...

Oh, come on, Roland. There's nothing wrong with beheading gays, is there? This is, after all, the Religion of Peace™ we're talking about. And America certainly wouldn't want to speak out against that!


Roland Hulme said...

Oh, come on, CK. It was nothing short of GUTLESS for the US to balk at signing that declaration. It's non-binding, so that means the US can still go ahead discriminating against it's own gays, and only seeks to decriminalize homosexuality. As in, stop gay from being a crime.

As I said in my post, it's not about gay marriage - it's about basic human rights.

Mind you, capital punishment would exclude America from joining the EU, because 'capital punishment is incompatible with a civilized society.'

Or in the opening of the Declaration of Independence: 'all men are born with inalienable rights, the first of those being LIFE...'

I swear to God the right wing considers the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution as nothing more than toilet paper, sometimes.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

I have a gay brother and think this is just unbelievable! I do not however support gay marriage a nd he knows that. I just can't believe that same sex marriages are right, although I do think there should be a way for them to legalise a relationship, just not through the sanctity of marriage.

BTW love your festive header, the little'uns first Christmas, how exciting :-)

ck said...

So since life is something guaranteed by the declaration of independence, you're all for banning abortion right?

Or is that right to life unacceptable to you?

We are all intolerant of something Roland. Don't act shocked by it.

I don't see how a civilized country can call a man a women or kill 50,000,000 babies... but that's the western culture for you.

And I fully disagree with you that this is just about decriminalizing being gay. Its about so much more and to say otherwise is just plain blind to the facts.

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