Friday, November 28, 2008

Quiet week...

Sorry for the lack of posts. Work has been a bit crazy, with 'Black Friday' and 'Cyber Monday' approaching and so much stuff for finalize for both!

Then we've had Thanksgiving - the wonderful American holiday which celebrates the shivering pilgrims being rescued from starvation by some friendly native Americans. It's a uniquely North American feast (corn, yams, sweet potatoes and turkey) which is wonderfully secular. There's nothing religious to worry about, or presents to buy... It's just about food, family and being 'thankful' for everything we have.

Today is 'Black Friday,' which, if you're wondering, is the biggest sale day of the year in America. Stores across the country open their doors at 4am with ridiculously discounted 'doorbusters.' The 'black' in the Friday refers to how it's the first time in the financial year in which a retail store goes from 'in the red' (i.e. debt) to 'in the black' (i.e. making a profit.) Not to be confused with 'Black Monday' which is when the stock market crashed.

It can be just as deadly, though. Check this out.

'Cyber Monday' is a fairly new invention, but an important one nevertheless. Cyber Monday is the 'Internet-only' Black Friday, in which online stores across American experience their biggest sales.

Me? I'm personally enjoying NOT having to worry about shopping or sales, although unfortunately work is making us do 'store visits' to check how our products are doing out in the field.

"Well, you'd be surprised the amount of wear and tear that goes on out there in the field." James Bond (Sean Connery) Goldfinger, 1964