Friday, November 21, 2008

Les animaux de Grand Mere

We got a parcel from my Maman et Papa in France! In it was the most WONDERFUL puddle-duck my mother had made for Baby Boozer.

My mother has a wonderful talent for this sort of thing and her inventions are full of character.

Puddle Duck stands about ten inches tall. She's wearing kitty-dungarees and a dashing French bonnet.

The bonnet is velvet and SO typically French - it looks exactly like the bonnet of Liberty in that famous Delacroix painting during the French revolution.

Puddle Duck's kitty-dungarees are hemmed and waisted, but real clothing - not sewn into the body, so you can remove them should Puddle Duck find herself on one of the obligatory plages nudistes.

Puddle Duck's wings are lined with fabric with puddle-ducks on it!

I loved the bunched-up, plus-four style bottoms and Puddle Duck's magnificent flippers.

Also, a sidekick for Puddle Duck, was one of my mother's distinctive lapinous. French children tend to have a bunny as a first toy and their ears are traditionally long for biting, sucking, chewing and dragging along. Mother makes hers especially so, and her bunny's faces are very stern and serious looking. I think that's cute - and it's wonderful because there are no buttons or eyes for little people to bite off and swallow.


Anonymous said...

Cute!!! I loved when my mom sent packages for my babies! Someday, hopefully not in the near future, I will get to do the same for my grandbabies!

Oh... babies are just so much fun! I LOVED having babies and still dream about having more. The time goes by much too quickly!

Anonymous said...

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