Sunday, November 09, 2008

8 year-old guns down family...

ST. JOHNS, Ariz. – People in this small, tight-knit community are reeling from the killing of a well-liked man police say was shot by his own 8-year-old son. Full story here.

I know, I know. The damn liberals would probably interpret this in some crazy way, like home gun ownership is irresponsible, or some such. But if we're going to ban guns, why not ban toasters or [insert mundane kitchen appliance here.] After all, a 9 year-old murdered his entire class last week armed with nothing but a curling iron and a copy of Playboy*.

America is about FREEDOM. So let's fight for the FREEDOM to own guns. Then we can concentrate on our other apparently 'American' freedoms, like censoring adult content, enforcing religion in school and preventing gay people from getting married.

* 9 year old boy? With a curling iron? Clearly gay. And a copy of Playboy? Clearly led astray by the evils of cheesecake, soft-core pornography. Who is the real victim here? Good Christian morality, my friends.