Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Week is a Long Time Not in Politics...

Sorry about my disappearing act. Things have been a bit crazy over the last week, so I didn't have the time or inspiration to bore you with rubbish blog like I normally do.

I've been frantically working on some articles about LASIK - and running into a major mental-block wrapping them up. Then I've been struggling through the final chapters of a novel I've been working on all year, but am haunted by every writer's curse - the moment you get to the end and wonder: "Is this thing any good? Is it even worth finishing?"

Chez nous, life with baby is settling into a routine. Only it's a routine with no sleep and two parents who hardly have time to speak to each other any more! T's just started a new job, so it's all a bit hectic and we've both had to start dragging ourselves out of bed an hour earlier.

I often wondered why my parents had the bizarre obsession with getting out of bed while it was still dark outside. I realise now that it's a habit ingrained from decades of parenthood.

And, of course, there's work. Living and working in America has always been a toss-up between security and opportunity, but running into The Great Depression 2.0 hasn't exactly improved the situation. I'd cross my fingers, but it's difficult to type that way.

But there's an ancient Chinese truth: This too, shall pass.

Whatever happens, it's generally only a temporary situation. Just look at the 'gas crisis.' A few months ago, we thought $5 gallons of gas were going to be here to stay. Today, I notice that fuel prices have gone down to $2.90.

The scumbags in OPEC are even discussing cutting production to keep oil prices at around $90 a barrel (which is a pretty cheap shot.-Adjusting for inflation, oil has averaged $30 for this entire century, right up until Bush Jnr launched his crusade in Iraq. If OPEC does decide to hold us over an 'oil' barrel and keep oil so expensive, it's just further proof that we need to cut our ties with that load of crooks.)

[That'd be easier if you didn't drive that gas-guzzling monstrosity - Editorial Bear]

And it's autumn, the most beautiful time of year in north eastern America. As I was driving back from work yesterday, exhaust burbling, windows down and Smoke on the Water playing on my SIRIUS radio, I realised that life could be infinitely worse.


Anonymous said...

"Come what, come may. Time runs through the roughest day!"

Shakespeare in Macbeth NOT
Mycroft in Oxford

EmmaK said...

don't worry about it too much, all things will pass, and your sex life will return with a vengeance in about four years!!

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

I paid $2.62 this morning for gas and was thinking just the same about the predictions of $5!

I think Autumn is the most beautiful season everywhere actually, defo my fave. Tha lads looking cute, hope you two find a rhythym soon.

Been here 3 yrs today!

The Chemist said...

Just don't buy arguments that we should buy our oil from elsewhere. That's an appalling red herring I observed during the last presidential debate:

McCain was right that much of our oil comes from South America, however, oil is fungible. So OPEC can manipulate the prices no matter where we actually physically procure it. We need to get off the derricks period, and the zombie-like litany of "drill here, drill now" only describes a real solution if you live in a fantasy world. I use the description "zombie-like" because something's eaten all the brains!

Meanwhile we had gas shortages in Georgia because refining capacity is already maxed out anyway.

Expat mum said...

Our motto re small babies (very cute BTW) is
"You will never die from lack of sleep. You may think you are going to die; you may want to die, ......."

Anonymous said...

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