Friday, September 05, 2008


Some of my favorite blogs have a security system to prevent spam.

When you leave a comment, you're presented with a screen of characters you have to enter. It looks like this:

Invariably, this simple string of letters gets entered in wrong - and then blogger retorts with more complex string of random letters to make sure you're not a spammer.

Quite often, my fat fingers get one letter out of place with that one, too.

By this stage, I've given up.

So if I ever don't comment as much as expected, this is my reason! It doesn't mean I don't love your blog!


Trixie said...

Oh I'm soooo with you there! lol. I just keep hitting the enter button hoping an easy one will come up!

Enemy of the Republic said...

I moderate comments because I've had some whack jobs at my blog--really disgusting. But I hate that spam thing. Half the time I type it wrong. Even moderating comments you get spam, but you don't have to pubish it. Some people want to see their comment right away, so my blog may scare them away because of that, but I try to check my email often when I post. But I've had people who were so rude that my husband had to write them.Blogger won't do a thing.

The Chemist said...

I don't have my "capcha" activated. I won't activate it unless I actually do start seeing sp@m. Otherwise, I leave my comments open for the kookiest folk imaginable. I have yet to see a cretin comment, but I'll only delete if it's heinous beyond belief. As in,

"I'm going out tonight killing kittens!" Except replace kittens with an ethnic slur, or keep kittens in there.