Thursday, August 07, 2008

I kilt you not...

Dean Peterson (far right) and colleagues in the proposed U.S. Postal Service 'utilikilt'

As you know, I'm seen in a kilt whenever convention dictates - but I'm no means a militant kilt-wearer. I like kilts - think they're wonderfully comfortable and practical - but we've all got to draw the line somewhere.

Or do we?

Not according to veteran kilt-wearer Dean Peterson, who has been wearing unbifurcated outfits ever since his wife brought him one back from a holiday in Scotland.

"In one word, it's comfort," he explains - adding that his 250lb bulk means his thighs bulge in normal trousers, causing 'chafing and discomfort.'

But not satisfied with attending his son's football games and recitals in a kilt, Peterson is now demanding that his employer, the United States Postal Service, offer men of his inclination the right to wear a uniformed version of the modern-day kilt.

In his letter to the National Letter Carriers' Association, Peterson pleads: "Open your hearts — and inseams — for an option in mail carrier comfort!"

Considering the U.S. Post Office offers uniform versions of cardigans, vests and even pithe helmets, it doesn't seem outrageous to request permission to wear the kilt. I'd certainly have no problem with my post being dropped off by someone in a skirt.

But is the demand for an official U.S.P.S. 'utilikilt' (slang for a modern day, non tartan kilt) pushing the boundaries of wackiness too far?

It'll be the union that decides that - but in the mean time, I'm in total support of Mr Peterson's campaign.

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