Sunday, May 11, 2008

For I was blind...

I've been on doctor's orders to steer clear of the computer screen for the last couple of days - which explains my lack of blogging. But I'm back now - and better than ever.

On Thursday, I had LASIK laser eye surgery to correct my severe short sightedness. For most of my life, I've never been without a pair of glasses stuck to the end of my nose... but no longer.

On Thursday afternoon, Tina drove me to the surgery in Princeton and I went through an uncomfortable, but painless and very brief procedure and then I was driven home and went straight to sleep.

Twelve hours later, I woke up and could see.

Perfectly. As if I was wearing glasses or contact lenses.

It was nothing short of miraculous. In less than half a day, I had gone from barely being able to see things five inches from my face to having better eyesight than Tina (as I spent the day annoying the hell out of her by reading every single sign in sight.)

Currently, my eyes are a little tender and I have two huge blood spots in them, but apart from that, I don't seem to be having any problems (touch wood.)

And I can see. Better than when I wore glasses.

LASIK. Nothing short of miraculous.

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Kitty said...

Oh, it's great to hear first hand that this works. I've pondered it - might do it one day, who knows?

Hope you continue to go from strength to strength.