Sunday, May 18, 2008

'Cops and Rodders' Classic Car Show

I've been too busy to post my pictures from the North Brunswick Classic Car show, sponsored by Malouf, the local car dealership. So finally, here they are!

It was in support of the local emergency services and a very pretty girl was walking around with an adorable dog taking donations.

The show itself was interesting. Unlike the Flemington Classic Car show, there were a wide variety of cars on display including many modern vehicles and lots that were modified in a way the classic-car purist might frown at. This Corvette with wing-style doors was a prime example.

There were also plenty of cars from my vintage, including quite a few Camaros that were the same age as Tiffany III. There were a couple of the latest generation of Firebirds and even an '88 Trans Am that didn't look that much smarter than mine!

Here's a very sexy Camaro from the seventies - just the sort of car I used to lust after.

This Ford F40 shouldn't even qualify as a classic car! It's a modern reinvention of the endurance-race classic. But it was lovely.

This Thunderbird was fascinating because it was 'unrestored.' That meant chipped paint and the odd ding - but not much considering the car was nearly sixty years old!

Right next to it was the restored version - which looked beautiful (but I secretly preferred the dented version.)

And, of course, no 'cops and rodders' show would be complete without some Hot Rods to enjoy.

This is a Dodge Viper truck, just like my brother-in-law Justin has.

This coupe (pronounced 'coop') had fold-up seats for extra passengers - as long as they didn't mind getting wet! Next time you're in your air-conditioned back seat, be thankful!

Compared to the Flemington show, the Cops and Rodders event was a little more low-key, but I enjoyed the cars they had on display a bit more. These were 'real' classic cars. The sort that got taken out and driven on a regular basis. That's what it's all about, if you ask me.

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