Thursday, March 06, 2008

Off Hiatus...

No less than three of my favourite blogs have come off an extended hiatus, so do head on over and check them out.

Firstly, there's Jo's Haunted Eyeball. Jo is a brilliant writer who keeps us informed with the latest and greatest in popular (and not so popular) entertainment.

After more than six months off, she returns triumphantly with a review of AMC's Sinatra-style melodrama
Mad Men.
Secondly, Jodiferous is back after a few weeks well deserved downtime with a bevvy of posts, including filling in my ubiquitous Action Plan.

Head on over to her
bit of the blogosphere to read more.

Finally, astonishingly talented photographer Ashley Strassburger has come off a long-term blogging hiatus with a whole new blog!

YouLikeAshley became YouLikePhotography and features some of her stunning recent photography. Head on over and check it out.


Anonymous said...

Hey Roland! How you doin'? anyways, i love new blogs so i will go and check them out!! if YOU are recommending them, then i can't go wrong! :)

Hope you had just a thrilling thursday!!

Katie at CuppaJoe

Ashley said...

I can't believe I never commented on this. Thanks, Rols. Thanks.