Friday, February 01, 2008

Who's Evolved?

Brazil finds fossil of "missing link" to crocodile
Thu Jan 31, 12:30 PM ET

RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) - Brazilian paleontologists said on Thursday they had found the fossil of a new species of prehistoric predator that represented a "missing link" to modern-day crocodiles.

The well-preserved fossil of Montealtosuchus arrudacamposi, a medium-sized lizard-like predator measuring about 5 1/2 feet (1.7 meters) from head to tail, dates back about 80 million years to the Late Cretaceous period.

"This is scientifically important because the specimen literally is the link between more primitive crocodiles that lived in the era of the dinosaurs 80-85 million years ago and modern species."

And yet creationists are still insisting the world is only 7,000 years old. Presumably this Brazilian behemoth was just a normal crocodile that ate too much.

Really, in the face of a daily onslaught of credible evidence, a refusal to even consider the scientific facts proves that fundementalist Christians aren't evolving at all.

Which doesn't bode well for them. Look what happened to homo neanderthalensis.

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ck said...

Just some words from a children's song...

My God is so Big, my God is so Mighty, there's nothing my can not do.