Thursday, February 07, 2008

Rowan Williams and his over-active cakehole

People often claim that there's 'one rule for them, another for the rest of us!'

And if Archbishop of Canterbury had his way, that's exactly what there would be.

Because the outspoken head of the Anglican church is at it again - last time he was criticising America. Now he's alerting us to the inevitable adoption of sharia law in the United Kingdom.

Sharia law is the Muslim form of justice - in which religious leaders judge cases based on the rules set forth in the Quran. Rowan Williams says we should allow Muslim communities to practice this form of law instead of the British one because "some citizens do not relate to the British legal system."

"Muslims should not have to choose between the stark alternatives of cultural loyalty or state loyalty," he claims. Which is funny, because the rest of us do.

It strikes me that a country's laws are not 'pick and choose.' You can't adopt provisions of a foreign (faith-based) legal system and except it to work in the confines of a democracy like Great Britain. In the UK, our laws are made in Parliament, by elected representatives of the people. All the people - whether they like it or not - are expected to abide by them.

If you allow one particular cultural demographic to ignore certain laws in favour of their culture's religiously mandated ones, you're not helping integrate the British and Mulism cultures. You're creating an isolated 'Muslim bubble' right in the heart of England.

Laws are laws. Muslims are more than welcome to move to Great Britain - but like every other immigrant to the country, they should also be expected to abide unconditionally to the same rules and laws British people do.

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