Wednesday, February 06, 2008

68 Degrees in New York City

Last week, the Global Warming Disinformation Squad (who spread the lie that Global Warming is a liberal conspiracy) clapped their hands like excited seals. A protest held in Maryland to draw attention to the rising world temperature was hit by a very ironic shower of snowflakes.

"Global warming indeed!" They scoffed, donning their gloves and mittens. But a flurry of snowflakes in February - especially in Maryland of all places - isn't exactly a nail in the coffin of Global Warming theory.

If the Global Warming skeptics really want us to examine the weather, let's just take a look outside the window. Here we are, in the early days of February - and the weather in New York city would be more usual in September or October.

It was an astonishing 68 degrees today - Room temperature! Just five years ago, New Yorkers were huddled inside while inches of snow filled the roads. Today, people are out in t-shirts, while those of us in heavy coats are schvitzing!

It's very difficult to ignore Global Warming when we're living right in the midst of it.

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hahajohnnyb said...

Yes and they are having avalanches outside of LA. What's your point? The Atlantic is in a warm phase, causing warm weather on the East Coast while the La Nina and the PDO is in a Cold phase causing the west and central US to be cold.

What you are experiencing is called the "Sea Breeze" it ain't global Warming. Sorry, mate but January was below average.

Stop the hoax!