Monday, January 14, 2008

A Blogger's Manifesto

It's a bit late to call it a New Year's resolution - but as 2008 dawns, I think it's time to think critically about my blog and where I intend to direct it over the next few months.

I think it's time to adopt some very serious blogging guidelines.

So here we go. My Blogger's Manifesto:
  1. I will only blog five times a week. Currently, I've been blogging several times per day and that's just ridiculous. Along with work, I've got my personal writing to do - and my fun cartooning. And I want to join and gym and get fit. So wasting my precious personal time writing diatribes about Kosovo is not the most productive use of my time.
  2. I will set a blogging agenda. Out of my five weekly posts, I should determine some focus as to their contents. Therefore, I pledge to write one personal post a week (about my life in general) one post about local events in New Jersey (like the local elections) one blog about writing and getting published (and my attempts at both) and two other 'free choices' that might include reviews, cartoons, political babble. Whatever.
  3. Brevity is Essential. The key to successful writing is not how much you write, but how little. Some of my blog posts would have put me in good stead as university dissertations. So from now on, I intend to make my blog posts short, snappy and relevant - so anybody clicking on them can get the information they need as quickly as possible.
  4. Pimped and Polished. Since I'm using blogging to further my writing, I should make a firm commitment to keeping my editing as tight as possible. Just because this is a personal blog, I shouldn't allow spelling errors and the like to creep in if I can avoid doing so!
So there's my pledge for 2008. Fingers crossed I can stick to it! But if I can, it will hopefully mean higher quality content from Militant Ginger.

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Jodi said...

those are all excellent ideas!