Friday, November 30, 2007

True Copy Writing Legends...

If you've ever flown into a small Scottish airport, like Glasgow or Edinburgh, you might be familiar with the signs that used to greet you when you arrive:

"Welcome to the Best Small Country in the World!”

Jack McConnell, First Minister of Scotland, instigated those signs a few years ago to help encourage the burgening Scottish tourism industry. But times change - and his replacement, Alex Salmond, wanted to change the slogan to something more nationalistic.

Something inspiring and romantic - yet also communicating the modernity and brisk efficiency of modern Scotland.

So he gave a team £125,000 and six months to come up with a new slogan to replace "Welcome to the Best Small Country in the World!"

And yesterday, the Scottish Nationalist Party revealed it:

“Welcome to Scotland”

That's probably the easiest £125,000 that team of copywriters has ever made.

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