Thursday, January 18, 2007

Derek Laud - Voice of Reason

Former Big Brother contestant and one time Conservative candidate Derek Laud had this to say about the Shilp Shetty situation:

"I think there is a growing irritation in this country that everything that appears offensive to another person can be described as racist in order to close down people's right to express their views. It's a matter of taste and nothing to do with racism." Full story here.

He's quite right.

Jade Goody's behaviour in the house has everything to do with her having no class, a big mouth and a chip on her shoulder - and nothing to do with racism.

Jermaine Jackson suffers no abuse and he's black. Dirk Benedict suffers no abuse and he's American (and American's get plenty of abuse in Europe.)

It's school ground antics and bringing up the race card does exactly what Derek Laud says it does - shuts down ALL other discussion.

It's ironic that the forces of 'tolerant' and 'respectful' public opinion have actually created what amounts to Politically Correct Fascism.

Derek Laud is a funny character. I admire him greatly for his dynamic personality and rational opinions. As a gay, black, Tory, Master of Foxhounds in the New Forest, he's certainly unique and representative of multicultural Britain.

What I don't like about him is his opinion of Americans: "They're always going on about freedom and liberty when they oppress people, they imprison people without trial, I hate them. They're not democratic despite lecturing the rest of the world about democracy... and then they wonder why they're so hated all over the world."


Anonymous said...

How can someone you consider as the voice of reason be so considered when he hates 300 million people. That sound illogical to me. Hate hardly being the outcome of rational thought. It might be legitimate to wonder about some of the things American's do, but it is not all bad there.

Rolski said...

Got a point there, Barry.

I think Laud raises certain REAL issues, but by saying he "hates Americans" he comes across as horribly narrow minded.

I have a problem with that statement, which is why I printed it. I don't want to give Laud an applaud and then have somebody throw that in my face.