Thursday, January 18, 2007

Amputation: Curing Writer's Block. I'm back on the Bootleg

I deleted over twenty pages from my draft of The Bootleg Boys.

It was over 3,000 words and I'd sweated blood over each of them, trying against every instinct to hammer out this story. But when I landed up against a brick wall, I had to admit defeat.

I had writer's block. And as I've said before, there is no such thing as Writer's Block.

It's just a case of one's subconscious telling you that something isn't right in your story. If you continue hammering out the plot, it'll go wrong. Writer's Block is basically like pain. If you feel it, something wrong.

So tonight, I deleted all those pages and got to work again.

And this time, cut back to the beginning of the end of The Bootleg Boys, I saw the direction it needed to take. I saw what the characters needed to do and I introduced some nice elements I'd previously missed. There was a wistful view of the Cathedral, a rusty old Jaguar and Eddy kissed a girl he hadn't expected to. Exciting stuff. I can honestly say I'm back on the Bootleg now...

This experience confirms what I have thought. Only by eliminating plot discrepancies can you cure the ultimate writer's malady. And now, after far too long, I'm moving forward.

I hope I can finish. It's a great story.

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