Friday, October 06, 2006

Long live The King

I recently discovered a great blog by writer Maya Reynolds. Hers is the sort of blog I'd like mine to be. All about writing, but without the childish bits I keep inserting into my blog. I mean, that post about asparagus. What was I thinking?

Anyway. Maya wrote a post about Stephen King which was interesting. You can find it here.

I love Stephen King. I think the publishing community has done this incredibly talented author a huge disservice by relegating him to the position of "America's Schlockmeister" or just a horror story hack. I think he's a pefect example of the schizophrenic state of the publishing industry.

I sat in on a presentation with author Jodi Picault when she came to Winchester and she mentioned that American publishers decide that authors are 'literary' or 'popular.' You can be one or the other. Not both.

I think this is a ridiculous idea. Not just ridiculous, but exclusionary. Authors like Stephen King are never taken seriously because their books happen to appeal to a large audience and they make movies out of them. But some of his books in particular are incredibly complex. Take my favourite ones, the Dark Tower series. I mean, here we have a series of genre-busting books featuring a fantastical gunslinger called Roland (yeah!) travelling through a multitude of New Yorks (yeah!) while encountering characters from Stephen King's books (including himself) and other fictional characters. Oh, and did I mention the whole book is based on on Childe Roland to the Dark Tower came.

I think the critical community have a serious issue when it comes to looking at books. Instead of deeming one stream of writers 'literary' and the other stream 'populist' they should just look at each title on it's own merits.

After all, the world's most acclaimed author, Shakespeare, was a populist writer who churned out works of undeniable genius to eager crowds. Back in the day, his plays were equivilant to today's Spielburg blockbusters.


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Midgard said...

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Jenn of the Jungle said...

Stephen King is one of the most brilliant authors to ever live. He has a was of creating a whole picture. Love him. Have you read his book,"On Writing"? It's fascinating.

Gee Roland, I didn't know you were a ginger.

Midgard said...

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