Monday, October 16, 2006

Back in America

I'm having a simply incredible time in America. We ended up in Somerville, not Flemington, where were staying with Tina's brother Ron. His house is incredible. This part of New Jersey is very rural, with about half a mile to the nearest neighbour. There are beautiful old wooden farm buildings and, being so close to Halloween, the pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns are out in full.

Ron's house is a beautiful bungalow (with a basement that's as big as the entire top floor) set overlooking a little creek. It's lovely.

I was amazed how much I loved being back. From the moment we arrived, I had my face pressed against the window of the car, staring with glee at the sights rolling past. New Jersey is very far removed from Long Island. There are the beautiful old houses I mentioned, but also miles and miles of trees and forest. And Americans are just as lovely as I remember them. Huge smiles wherever we go.

I think T's a little worried about how much I obviously like it here. But, seriously, it's a different world from Winchester. I think she's still reeling at being back home.

Here are some pictures from Ron's house. Isn't it cool?

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