Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Life's too short to drink bad wine...

When I had my medical for my U.S. VISA, the doctor suggested I enjoyed the odd spot of vino a bit too much... From that point on, I've been watching my alcohol consumption.

So last night, for the first time in about twelve weeks, I bought a bottle of £2.81 Sainsbury's Ruby Red to enjoy with some ravioli and tomato and basil sauce. This used to be my wine of choice (when we drank every night.) But I had a glass of it last night and one thing struck me.


Really, it was horrible.

I realised something deeply shocking. I had stopped enjoying crap wine.

Was this a sign of growing up? Were my Chateau Mutant days behind me?

Whatever happened, I decided today that quality is better than quantity.

And it doesn't need to be a HUGE amount of quality. Tonight, for example, we spent £4.99 on a bottle of "The Little Penguin" Shiraz. And it was DELICIOUS. And we've drunk less than a third of the bottle.

Seriously. There is the difference between good wine and bad wine and I've realised it's the £4.00 mark. It's like the distributors sit there and say: "Anything we sell for £3.99 or less will be shit. The customers will know that. They'll accept it. They're gonna have to."

But not me. Not any longer. As long as I live in England, I shall drink less and enjoy more.

The Little Penguin Shiraz is available from Sainsburys for £4.99.

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