Friday, September 29, 2006

The Green Menace

Oh, the irony!

When I was a kid (you know, twenty five-ish) my parents tried to feed me vegetables. Broccoli. Peas. Anything green, really. They told me I'd like them if I tried them.


My father warned me that when he was a boy, his parents used to tell him asparagus tasted disgusting - just because they wanted more of it to eat themselves. It was a pitiful reverse psychology ploy! But I'd like it if I tried it.

I don't know why. Maybe it's because your taste buds regenerate every seven years. Maybe it's because I hadn't actually been talked into trying it a few years ago. Whatever the reason, I discovered they were telling the truth.

Asparagus rocks!

Boiled, baked, microwaved. As long as it's soft yet crunchy and covered in melted butter asparagus is THE BOMB. I love it.

Dammit. My parents were telling the truth. Some vegetables are nice.

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