Saturday, July 08, 2006

Bad Bebop... No Cookie!

Bebep, the loyal Renault 19 who was bought specifically to bring us to France.... Died...

It turns out her starter motor went. I'd pretty much guessed this when we turned the key outside Gifi and the engine refused to turn over. Fortunately, T and I managed to get her bump started after pushing her down the hill three times.

Three times?

First time, Tina didn't realise she had to let up the clutch to 'bump start' a car.

Second time, Tina switched off the engine as soon as she started.

Third time? The charm.

Fortunately, we had (of all coincidences) a spare starter motor in the boot, so we drove off to Renault in Niort and they got us back on the road in less that a day, and for less that one hundred euros.

Here is the offending item:

Since then, Bebop drove me a 250 mile round trip to Nantes, where I needed to get my Police Municipale report for the U.S. Government. Then, today, she drove 100 miles round trip to La Rochelle for oysters and wine, so hopefully she's fixed.

In other news, we've been walking around Lac Lambon, which looks stunning.

We've also been lucky enough to enjoy some incredible weather and some delicious food!

We're back home on Tuesday.

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